3D Repo™ is a multi-​​award win­ning open source 3D ver­sion con­trol system

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Our 3D re­pos­it­ory sits atop of a NoSQL Mon­goDB in the cloud. Each 3D scene com­pon­ent is stored and trans­mit­ted as a bin­ary blob.


A built-​​in cross-​​platform 3D Diff tool sup­ports visual dif­fer­en­cing and mer­ging of 3D mod­els re­volu­tion­al­ising col­lab­or­at­ive mod­el­ling.


The plat­form can be eas­ily ex­ten­ded and cus­tom­ised. We already sup­port 42 dif­fer­ent 3D file formats and are work­ing on more.

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“The con­struc­tion in­dustry is in des­per­ate need of in­nov­a­tion in the soft­ware space and your product will fill an im­me­di­ate need!”

− Neil Thompson, Balfour Beatty Con­struc­tion Ser­vices UK

“Ver­sion con­trol is a chal­lenge for the in­dustry which only grows to­gether with the in­creas­ing mul­tidiscip­lin­ary nature of our teams.”

− Alvise Si­mon­detti, Arup

“XML3DRepo is the only mid­dle­ware suit­able for build­ing any ser­i­ous web 3D application.”

− Kris­tian Sons, DFKI