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3D Repo™ is a multi-award winning open source 3D BIM version control system


Our 3D version control system sits atop of a NoSQL MongoDB in the cloud. Each 3D scene component is stored and transmitted as a binary blob.


A built-in cross-platform 3D Diff tool supports visual differencing and merging of 3D models in order to revolutionalise collaborative modelling.

Highly Extensible

The platform is highly extensible and scalable. It already supports over 40 different 3D file formats with more in the pipeline.

Meta queries

3D Repo supports metadata queries across 3D models and even across the entire portfolios of projects.

Open Source

All of 3D Repo source code if freely available under AGPL v3 open source license at


3D Repo is a spin-off from research of Dr Jozef Doboš in the Virtual Environments, Imaging & Visualisation centre at University College London.

Honours & Awards
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Cloud, data management at scale, speed and variety is becoming a critical issue for the built environment. 3D Repo are developing propositions at the heart of this development.

Volker BuscherDirector, Arup Digital

The construction industry is in desperate need of innovation in the software space and your product will fill an immediate need!

Neil ThompsonHead of Digital Research, Balfour beatty

Version control is a challenge for the industry which only grows together with the increasing multidisciplinary nature of our teams.

Alvise SimondettiGlobal Head of Virtual Design, Arup

The model store is the most important long term for us.

Greg SchleusnerDirector of Design Technology Innovation, HOK

It amazes me how you can get so much detail via a web browser with decent response times.

Mark NallenHead of IT, Canary Wharf

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